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Our mission is to develop volleyball players in a positive atmosphere

Our mission is to develop volleyball players in a positive atmosphere


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Bergen Volleyball Club in Bergen County New Jersey.

Training and coaching kids are not easy tasks; it demands high levels of responsibility, patience, respect and understanding. Additionally, not all kids can be coached equally, they all have different learning curves and abilities.

Our goal is to teach young players with special attention to their strengths and weaknesses.

Bergen Volleyball Club VISION is supported by the following statements:

-  Optimal training allows any child to achieve high athletic and personal skills. This requires continuous training.

- Early ages are the most appropriate for proper athlete development. Starting a sport early allows an athlete to reach higher levels earlier.

- Due to the current school system our children tend to under-train and over-compete. Seasonal sports and the variety of activities can interfere with the proper development of a player. "VOLLEYBALL IS NOT SEASONAL"

 -  BVC is committed to make Volleyball much more accessible, especially to those at a starting level.

- Volleyball is a wonderful sport and it is difficult to excel on it. Sustained support from the Parents fertilizes the  commitment of the athlete.

Bergen Volleyball Club is located in Waldwick NJ, near known cities such as Ridgewood, Westwood, Mahwah and Paramus