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Our mission is to develop volleyball players in a positive atmosphere


1. What are the club season fees and payment plans?


Each player with is required to pay Club Fee.  The 2019-2020 Club Fee for each player is $2,000.oo

The 2019-2020 fee covers all training session , tournaments and full uniform.

2. What ages does BVC register for Competing Teams?

BVC normally registers teams:

- U 13       - U 14

- U 15       - U 16 


The classification cut off date and division for JUNIOR PLAYERS is determinate by USA Volleyball Board. 

3. Can my girl be part of different clubs?

No, according to GEVA regulations the commitment is only to one club.

4. How many tournaments will BVC participating during the season, and what are the locations?

BVC registers to one tournament per month. Our goal is to stay local, therefore the selection of tournaments is inclined to stay within 90 mins rides. The tournament schedule is undecided since it is now by lottery according to GEVA.

5. Are there teams to accommodate the different levels of the players?

Yes, at BVC we accommodate two levels if required; BVC Eagles (advanced) and BVC Hawks (Intermediate).

Beginners must register in academy, elevate their game to an intermediate level to be eligible for future competing seasons. 

6. Who is taking my daughter to the tournaments?

Parents are responsible to bring the girls to the tournaments and must have an adult to be present at all times.


7. What is the practice schedule?

 BVC practices are during the week in the evening hours, and on Saturdays. The schedule for the upcoming season (2019-2020) is not determined yet. 

8. Do you offer private classes during club season?

Yes. BVC arranges classes for private, semiprivate and group sessions.

We also offer the BVC Membership Academy Program to prepare players for future competing teams.

We offer Recreational Programs on each season. This programs are for Fun and are on winter, spring, summer and fall.

9. Do we sign a contract with the club?

Yes. As per league instructions, there is Binding Commitment by a Parent/Guardian with the club. This is after a commitment has been set.The GEVA instruction in this regard are also at the GEVA website.


10. Is there a Parents Guide for league and clubs?

Yes. GEVA has designed a Parents Guide which explains in detail all about volleyball in NJ and NY.


11. Can any girl play club tournaments?

Yes, any girl can play club tournaments. Parents need to make sure they are at a competitive level to avoid incompatibilities.  Each player must follow all requirements to be able to play, such us proper league registration, team selection, etc. There are private tournaments and games as well as GEVA tournaments and activities. If a parent wants his/her daughter to participate in GEVA activities they must process a registration with them.



Will my daughter have same playing time as the other girls?

All girls will have similar playing time. Competing teams must perform at their best. The goal is to win games and tournaments. Players with higher level tend to have higher volumes of playing time.

What is the BVC Member Academy Program?

Every person must have the opportunity to learn a sport and be able to compete for a position on their School Team and on a Competing Club Team. 

They should be able to experience attending tournaments and wear the uniform.

We offer 6 months and 3 months programs so the athletes can elevate their game and compete for a position at the team of their choice.

Is Club Membership the same as Competing Club Member?


Academy Membership is training membership for those who are serious on elevating their game level.

Competing Club Member is the individual who has been selected through tryouts to be part of the competing traveling team during the state club season.